Report from MCX 2023

Here are my chats with the Canadian comic book and graphic novel creators from the Mississauga Comic Expo that took place at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario on November 19, 2023.

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Here are just some of the creators who attended MCX 2023:

Oliver Ho,

Daniel Reynolds,

Jon Berg, Instagram @berg.jon

Robert Iveniuk,

Peter Balsano, Instagram @peterbalsano

Nelson Caetano, Instagram @junction_comics_group

Stephany Lien,

Luke Henderson,

Stephanie Cooke,

Dickey Siregar and Dave Praetorius,

Caeleigh Boara, Instagram @caeboa

Sgt. Clayton Brown,

Travis Francis,

Mazie Lovie, Instagram @sillyartcollector

Joy San,

Craig Ferguson, Instagram @rebelrabbitart

Keith Grachow,

Jeff Estrella, Facebook @jestrallawriter

George Todorovski, Instagram @georgetodorvs

Scott Brian Woods,

Angela Poon,

Jey Pawlik and Michelle Parker,

Steven Andrews,

Ricky Lima,

Chris Sanagan and Jason Lapidus,

And a big shout out goes to the team at the Mississauga Public Library and volunteer staff who made the day so special.


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