Tas Mukanik talks about ‘Lost Time’

Here’s my chat with Tas Mukanik about the graphic novel Lost Time.

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Originally from Alberta, but now residing in Montreal, Tas Mukanik is an artist best known for her YA and adult self-published works, such as The Sanity Circus and Paint the Town Red. She has a keen interest in drawing fun characters with big expressions, as well as a fascination with birds, nature, and prehistoric life. Lost Time is her debut middle grade graphic novel from Razorbill, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

Lost Time is the story of “12-year-old Evie who didn’t mean to get lost—especially in the Cretaceous period. Now she’s alone, without her parents or anyone else to turn to for help. That is until she rescues a baby pterosaur and raises it on her own. As the baby grows into a giraffe-sized flying reptile, which Evie names Ada, the two manage to to find a way to survive in the prehistoric wilderness. Will Evie manage to overcome all the odds and find a way back to her family… or is she truly lost in time?”

You can discover more about Tas Mukanik at WindyWallflower.com

And discover more about the making of the graphic novel on Tas’ blog http://tasmukanik.com/wp/index.php/2023/08/25/lost-time-retrospective/


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