By day I’m a public relations professional with years of experience in the hi-tech field working with companies such as Autodesk, ATI, Microsoft, Nintendo and many others. But by night, I’m the founder and owner of True North Country Comics with one goal in mind — to promote Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

Growing up in Canada’s Atlantic provinces, I discovered the world of comic books by visiting the local general store  after grade school and checking out the spinner racks.



I patiently waited for my 25-cent allowance and ran to the general store to buy one of the colorful superhero comic books. Sometimes it was Batman or Superman or even Spider-Man.



250px-Cerebus112and113Many years later, when visiting a comic book shop in Toronto, I came across Cerebus the Aardvark.


It was only then I realized that comic books are also made in Canada. As the years went by, I would follow Canadian comic books from the sidelines. I even helped support a couple of recent crowd-funded efforts called “True Patriot” and “True Patriot volume 2”. 

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman — we’ve already seen similiar milestones from both Batman and Superman. So this fact also had me wondering, are there Canadian superheroes from the past with equally long histories that I don’t know about?

Now with this being the 150th anniversary of Canada, I figured there has to be comic book history that I needed to discover. And with that discovery came the realization that I don’t know much at all about Canadian comic books or who created them.

My goal is to promote Canadian comic book creators and supporters so that in turn I can pass along some of my discoveries.

Thanks for joining me on this quest.

John Swinimer

September 2017



Press Release:
November 6 2017 – New website promotes Canadian comic book creators and supporters

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