I’m the publisher and editor-in-chief of the award-winning True North Country Comics Podcast with one goal in mind — to promote Canadian comic book and graphic novel creators and supporters.


Growing up in Canada’s Atlantic provinces, I discovered the world of comic books by visiting the local general store  after grade school and checking out the spinner racks.


I patiently waited for my 25-cent allowance and ran to the general store to buy one of the colourful superhero comic books. Sometimes it was Batman or Superman or even Spider-Man.

250px-Cerebus112and113Many years later, when visiting a comic book shop in Toronto, I came across Cerebus the Aardvark.

It was only then I realized that comic books are also made in Canada. As the years went by, I would follow Canadian comic books from the sidelines. I even helped support a couple of recent crowd-funded efforts called True Patriot and True Patriot volume 2

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman — we’ve already seen similar milestones from both Batman and Superman. So this fact also had me wondering: Are there Canadian superheroes from the past with equally long histories that I don’t know about?

Now with this being the 150th anniversary of Canada, I figured there has to be comic book history that I needed to discover. And with that discovery came the realization that I don’t know much at all about Canadian comic books or who created them.

My goal is to promote Canadian comic book and graphic novel creators and supporters so that in turn I can pass along some of my discoveries.

Thanks for joining me on this quest.

John Swinimer

September 2017

Portrait by Casey Parsons 2019
Portrait by Casey Parsons

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