‘Folklore’ creators discuss collaborative illustrative and writing comic book creation process

Here’s my chat with Adam Ma and Colin Tan Wei about Folklore. Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts.


Adam is the writer for Folklore and is based in Ontario. Colin is the illustrator for Folklore and is based in British Columbia. Posted on the web regularly, Folklore is described as a superhuman horror story, focused on a small band of survivors trying to navigate a war-torn world in the aftermath of the Federation’s collapse. Volume 2 of the collected Folklore is expected this Spring.


During our chat Adam and Colin talk about Folklore and how they first began their collaboration. The conversation with both artist and writer allowed them to delve deeper into the process for their unique creative style that might inspire others.

You discover more about Folklore on Twitter at @FolkloreComic and online at FolkloreComic.com. The Patreon page is  https://www.patreon.com/Folklore



Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

Dread Central reported on a new graphics novel by Conor McCreery called The Last Witch: Fear and Fire from BOOM Studios. Along with artist V.V. Glass, Conor will write the first in a two-book dark fantasy series for sale this December. When asked about the project, Conor said: “As a kid I loved Irish mythology. Those slightly scary stories where brave heroes triumphed, but didn’t always get what they wanted at the end, or if they did, it came with a price. The Last Witch: Fear and Fire is my love letter to those tales, and to the idea that sometimes the best way to read a book is snuggled safe in bed. Whether you’re a kid, or an adult.”
You can read more at DreadCentral.com
The Last Witch

Entertainment Weekly reported that Ty Templeton will join with Paul Dini and Alan Burnett for Batman: The Adventures Continue, a six-issue mini-series launching in April. When asked about the project, Ty said “It’s fun that it doesn’t feel like we have to deal with the 15 year gap since we told stories with these characters. We can just feel like we just stepped into these things yesterday, because the shows and comics are always out there. They never go away. I didn’t want it to feel like there’s a big gap and Batman was old and Tim was in his 30’s or anything like that. I’m really happy it just feels like the next day.”
You can read more at EW.com



CBR spoke with Chip Zdarsky about his Afterlift series for comiXology. More specifically he was asked about the creative team, made up of Jason Loo, Paris Alleyne, Aditya Bidikar and Allison O’Toole, came up with the design for the five issue mini-series. Chip said: “Every issue felt like the smoothest process in the world thanks to the Afterlift team. Jason, Paris, Aditya and Allison are all at the top of their respective games and I felt like a total amateur working with them, even though I’m one million years older than all of them.”
You can read more at CBR.com



Multiversity Comics reported on an upcoming five-issue miniseries from AfterShock Comics called Lonely Receiver for this May written by Zac Thompson, featuring artist/colorist Jen Hickman and letterer Simon Bowland. Commenting on the story, Zac said: “The mood of Lonely Receiver is both familiar and warped — modern, sleek, and fashionable but dark and unsettling as well, just below the surface. I’m letting the colors carry a lot of that mood, but I’m also pushing the character acting a little farther than I usually do. Heartbreak is a lot of intense emotion, and if I can get a reader to recognize their own experiences in our protagonist, Catrin, then I’ll be greatly pleased.”
You can read more at MultiversityComics.com

Lonely Receiver cover


Newsarama published an article about the IDW series Bermuda from Nick Bradshaw and John Layman. Starting in May the series will focus on the pop-culture phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle. Nick said: “I’m excited to be working on Bermuda. John is giving me thrilling stories full of adventure and suspense — so much so, I don’t know if I can do them justice, but I’m sure as hell going to try!”
You can read more at Newsarama.com

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 5.58.10 PM


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