Writer Ed Brisson suggests five page stories as a start for new comic book creators

Here’s my chat with Ed Brisson. Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts.

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Ed is a comic book writer who garnered attention with his self-published crime series MURDER BOOK. He followed that work with four other series that he’s written and co-created published by Image: SHELTERED, THE FIELD, THE MANTLE and THE VIOLENT. Ed has also written for BOOM (SONS OF ANARCHY, CLUSTER, THE LAST CONTRACT), Marvel (SECRET AVENGERS, SECRET WARS BATTLEWORLD), DC (BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNAL), IDW (TMNT/X-FILES CONSPIRACY) and many others. He’s currently writing New Mutants, Spirit of Ghost Rider: Mother of Demons and Avengers of the Wasteland for Marvel. He’s been nominated for the Joe Shuster Award for Best Canadian Writer several times.

During our chat Ed talked about how he became a comic book writer. He also shared some hints and tips for newcomers to comic book creation. And Ed also chatted about his comic book projects including some insight about Alpha Flight True North featuring a boat load of Canadian creators.

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You can discover more about Ed on Twitter at @edbrisson and online at edbrisson.com


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

CBC Books published a list of 17 comics to watch out for this spring. The list includes:
Constantly by GG (published on January 17)
Northwest Resistance written by Katherna Vermette, illustrated by Scott B. Henderson with colours by Donavan Yaciuk (available February 25)
Familiar Face by Michael DeForge (available March 3)
Enemy Alien written by Kassandra Luciuk and illustrated by nicole marie burton (available March 3)
Talking To Strangers by Marianne Boucher (available April 7)

Art Life by Catherine Ocelot, translated by Aleshia Jensen (available April 15)
The Dripping Boat by Julian Lawrence (available April 15)
Bix by Scott Chantler (available April 28)
Topp by David Collier (available May 5)
Langosh and Peppi: Fugitive Days by Veronica Post (available May 5)
I Know You Rider by Leslie Stein (available May 5)
Necromantic written by Lovern Kindzierski, illustrated by David Ross and Geoff Isherwood, colours by Christopher Chuckry
Mary Pickford, Queen of the Silent Film Era by George A. Walker (available May 15)
Dancing After TEN by Vivian Chong and Georgia Webber (available May 19)
Warm Blood Vol. 1 written by Josh Tierney, illustrated by Afu Chan, Saskia Gutenkunst, Joysuke and others (available May 29)
Wendy, Master of Art by Walter Scott (available June 16)
One Year at Ellesmere by Faith Erin Hicks (available July 7)
You can read more at CBC.ca/Books

Newsarama interviewed Stuart Immonen along with Joe Hill about their new Arctic-based thriller Plunge. When asked about the series, Stuart said: “The challenges have mostly been technical, as they are on all projects; problem-solving the details of how to move the story forward effectively, or how to depict just the right expression to match the dialogue and character. Luckily, Joe’s instincts and my own have dovetailed nicely; without expressly conferring, we seem to naturally agree on critical matters of pacing and action/reaction.”
You can read more at Newsarama.com

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 9.22.07 PM
Jim Zub was recently interviewed on CBC’s q by Laurie Brown about playing Dungeons and Dragons as a kid having a profound affect on this life and career. When asked about the game, Jim said: “It made me want to be a storyteller”.
You can find out more about the interview on CBC.ca/radio/q

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Jay Baruchel about his writing duties on DC’s Crimes of Passion. When asked about his eight-page story involving Nightwing and Batgirl titled “(K)night Falls in Blüdhaven”, Jay said: “What this ended up being started as my vain attempt to write something in the late ’30s, early ’40s, somewhere between hard-boiled detective drama and pulp fiction and noir cinema with a lot of slick city streets and antiheroes pacing at night with an inner monologue kind of vibe to it. That was my jumping-off point, and it seemed to match pretty well with Nightwing, who, if nothing else, has a big chip on his shoulder. I just kept thinking about how to write detective fiction that was also a love story.”
You can read more at TheHollywoodReporter.com

DC Crimes of Passion 1


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