Practice and dedication are two key words of advice from comic book creator Sam Noir

Here’s my chat with with Sam Noir. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts.

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Sam is a writer and cartoonist. His work includes covers for the Chapterhouse Comics Summer Special and Captain Canuck #1, and he has contributed to Steampunk Originals from Arcana, Monstrosity from Alterna, Cerebus Low Society, Toronto Comics, Strange Romance, Hogtown Horror and is the co-creator of indie comics such as Munchsters, Victorian Four, Holmes vs Moriarty, Zip Kramer, Clanky and Major North. He’s also helped create the Cauldron magazine anthology. He is also a product developer at Odeon Toys, including the official Captain Canuck action figures.


During our chat, Sam offered advice for newcomers to comic book creation including YouTube videos, instructional videos, classes and practice. He suggested collaborating on small projects with others to get the ‘ball rolling’ and to grow your network. Sam also suggested podcasts, exhibitions and other creators as great way to learn and ‘finish what you start’.

You can discover more about Sam on Twitter at @HeySamNoir and online at


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

Paste Magazine interviewed Johnnie Christmas about his newest project Tartarus. Set to debut on February, the 44-page first issue from Image Comics has been called ‘a new adventure series will all the sci-fi drama of Breaking Bad set in Mos Eisley. When asked about the origin of the series, Johnnie said: “I love grungy sci-fi like Star Wars, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, etc. and wanted to bring that together with my love of comics and mythology in a new and interesting way. So when the idea of Surka, a terrible warlord whose shadow extends long after her reign came up, and what it might mean for her daughter, Tilde, I knew I found my way “in.” “
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Marvel published an interview with Jim Zub about the next big event series called Empyre: Avengers. When asked to explain more, Jim said: “Empyre is all about an intergalactic threat targeting Earth, battling our heroes on multiple fronts, putting them on the defensive while the world hangs in the balance. EMPYRE: AVENGERS showcases three important conflicts with an eclectic group of Avengers, some who we haven’t seen as part of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in quite a while. Some of these Avengers are ones I’ve written in the past (on UNCANNY AVENGERS or AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER) while others are characters I’ve been itching to write for years.”
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Adventures in Poor Taste got to interview Ed Brisson about his new series The Punisher vs. Barracuda. When asked about the project, Ed said: “This book has been in the cooker for a bit and I can’t wait for folks to see what Declan and I have been mixing up….We’re bringing one of the baddest Punisher foes into the Marvel Universe proper for the first time. Barracuda’s broken out of prison and Frank’s trying to hunt him down in sunny Miami — a fun switch from the gritty streets of NYC.”
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Paste Magazine published their list of the 100 best horror comics of all time. Notables on the list include:
– Aliens: Dead Orbit by James Stokoe
– The Dregs by Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler
– Gideon Falls by Jeff Lemire with Andrea Sorrentino
– Gotham By Midnight by Ray Fawkes with Ben Templesmith and Juan Ferrerya
– Through The Woods by Emily Carroll
– Trick ‘r Treat by Fiona Staples with others
– Underwinter by Ray Fawkes
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Boing Boing announced that Cory Doctorow’s Radicalized will become a graphic novel from publisher FirstSecond in 2020. Cory announced on his site that the lead story ‘Unauthorized Bread’ will be adapted with artwork by Jenn Doyle.
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The Guardian interviewed comic book creators from Prince Edward Island about the exhibit for their first graphic novel Sandstone Comics Presents #1. Robert Doan, Greg Webster and Sandy Carruthers displayed artwork from their graphic novel at The Guild in Charlottetown. When asked about the exhibit, Sandy said: “It’s a really great way to see the craft and the fingerprints behind it. It’s also a celebration, the first-year anniversary of Sandstone Comics.”
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And before I sign off for the news portion, here’s something to ponder. Quartz published an article claiming that the visual language of comic books can improve brain function. The article references comic theorist Dale Jacobs who claims: “comics and graphic novels tell sophisticated stories through multimodal cues that stimulate similar processes to the human brain mapping the world around it. Combinations of words, images, color, spatial layout, gutters, sound effects, panel composition, body language, and facial expressions are all used to convey meaning.”
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