News – Saturday, October 28, 2023

Here’s this week’s news about Canadian comic book creators for Saturday, October 28, 2023.

Curt Pires’ book goes to series
Variety reported that the original graphic novel Money co-created by Curt Pires is being developed into a series by Amazon MGM Studios. Although no writer has been assigned, Curt will serve as an executive producer. Read more at

Alina Pete answers questions about Indigenerds and more
CBC Indigenous interviewed artist and editor Alina Pete about the upcoming graphic novel Indigenerds. Set for publication next year, the graphic novel is set to contain 11 stories from Indigenous people from all backgrounds. Read more at

Marguerite Sauvage tapped for DC’s Valentine’s Day special anthology
Screen Rant reported that Marguerite Sauvage will join others for both writing and illustrating duties for DC’s upcoming anthology How to Lose a Guy Gardner in 10 Days. Featuring eight new stories about mess love lives among super heroes, the anthology is set for release February 2024. Read more at

Ryan North to write new Iron Man game
According to WCCF Tech, Ryan North has been tasked with writing the next Iron Man game. Created by EA, the new Iron Man game doesn’t have an announce date as of yet. Read more at

Jason Loo takes on Sentry
Marvel announced that Jason Loo will write the all new series Sentry along with illustration by Luigi Zagaria. Jason spoke about the new cast of characters that will be part of the new storyline that starts December 6. Read more at

Kate Beaton’s Ducks gains more recognition
Comics Beat reported that Kate Beaton’s Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands is in the running for the 2024 Fnac-France Inter Prix de BD award. Finalists will be announced December 7 2023 and winners revealed January 11 2024. Read more at

New tool for artists to fight generative AI
The MIT Technology Review reported on a new data poisoning tool that’s designed to enable artists to fight back against generative AI. The tool called Nightshade ‘poisons’ training data that could damage future iterations of image-generating AI Models such as DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. Read more at

Group of 7 Comics creators host comic book workshop
The Group of 7 Comics Instagram feed announced that comic book creators Chris Sanagan and Jason Lapidus will be hosting a Beginner’s Workshop for Creating Comic Books on Thursday November 2 at 7 pm at the Whitby Library in Whitby, Ontario. Read more at

Jillian Tamaki reveals writing process for Roaming
Daily Bruin posted an interview with Jillian Tamaki resulting from a talk held by the English and Gender Studies departments at the University of California, Los Angeles. Jillian described the process for co-writing the graphic novel Roaming with her cousin Mariko Tamaki. Read more at

Creators exhibit at first Artsy Fartsy Comic Con
Organized and hosted by comic book creators Anthony Ruttgaizer and J.M. Clark, the first Artsy Fartsy Comic Con took place at the Tranzac Club in Toronto. Described as a comic book event for comic book lovers, the Artsy Fartsy Comic Con was a one-day comic book event focused on creators, comics and art. Discover more at

And in case you missed it, Ashley Hasfal chatted about her comic book series Initium and her graphic novel masterclass. Discover more at

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