Ashley Hasfal educates new comic book creators

Here’s my chat with Ashley Hasfal about her comic book series Initium and her graphic novel masterclass.

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Ashley Hasfal is a 2D designer and screenwriter whose work as a background artist can be found on popular television shows such as the Emmy award winning ‘Rick and Morty’, ‘Magic School Bus Rides Again’, and ‘Esme and Roy’. She has written multiple episodes for popular kids’ show ‘Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum’ for PBS. Pages of her self-published comic Initium were displayed in the Geppi Entertainment Museum exhibit Milestones: African Americans in Comics, Pop Culture and Beyond in 2013. Ashley’s work in graphic novels seeks to centre Caribbean diasporic identity and mythology mixed with lighthearted comedy.

The story of Initium goes like this: “Upon discovering the true plot behind the medical trial they joined, four parents gave their lives to save their young children and escape the organizations bent on their control. Now, the children are teens and struggling to figure out what they’re capable of, who they’re becoming, and what’s been done to them. Follow these five teens as they fight to free themselves and define their futures in this new and dangerous world.”

You can discover more about Ashley on Instagram at @boisdesaule_arts


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