Jay Bulckaert and Lucas Green reveal their graphic novel ‘King Warrior’

Here’s my chat with Jay Bulckaert and Lucas Green about the graphic novel King Warrior from Renegade Arts Entertainment. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And the podcast is also available on YouTube. Please like and subscribe to that video channel.

Jay grew up in farm town Ontario, lived in France for a few years and finally made his way up north in 2001 to Yellowknife. There, he carved out a career as a filmmaker with his company Artless Collective, founded the Dead North Film Festival and learned to hunt. Originally written as a feature film, King Warrior is Jay’s first graphic novel created along with co-writer Erika Nyyssonen and illustrator Lucas Green.

Originally from Canada’s prairies, Lucas is a freelance animator, illustrator and designer now based in Vancouver, British Columbia. With fifteen years of experience, including seven years as a designer for one of Canada’s top public broadcasters, he works with clients the world over on projects ranging from short films and commercials to television and feature films. Lucas creates fantastical worlds usually drawing spaceships or painting traditional folktales.

According to Renegade Arts Entertainment, “A story spanning the globe both imaginary and real, King Warrior celebrates the turbulent glory of childhood while encouraging the reader to reconnect with that rich inner palace of youthful imagination that ultimately holds the key to our freedom. Living in different worlds and separated by an ocean, a father and son try to stay connected through the power of imagination as their distanced lives pull them further apart.”

You can discover more about Jay on Instagram at @jaybulckaert and artlesscollective.com

You can discover Lucas on Instagram and Twitter at @lucasartgreen and online at LucasGreen.ca


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