Frank Krulicki talks about his Kickstarter graphic novel ‘House of Wonders’

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Frank is based in Lloydminster, Alberta and has been a comic book ‘nerd’ for over 35 years. Wanting to be a professional comic book writer, Frank sold his first script to DC Comics at the ripe old age of 16 – and yet it still hasn’t been published. As a long time comic book Kickstarter supporter, Frank has now thrown his hat into the ring to create his own stories and books. Together with artists Alberto Crespo and Corey Breen, Frank’s new Kickstarter project is entitled House of Wonders.

House of Wonders is “a jaw-dropping space faring adventure spanning the far reaches of the universe. Joshua Davis, abused by an alcoholic father, wants a new life. He doesn’t seem to fit in and bad things have a way of happening to people around him. When he runs away and joins a circus Joshua is forced to, literally, grow-up quickly. Being chased by aliens has that effect on a person!  His life makes a dramatic shift taking him on a galactic journey learning the truth about himself – he’s an alien with unimaginable powers.”

You can discover more about Frank on Instagram @Krufrank50 and on Tumblr at cuttingedgecomics

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