Mark Bertolini talks about making his ‘Bigfoot Frankenstein’ comic book series

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Mark is a Toronto-based writer of comic books and graphic novels. His first published original graphic novel was the post-apocalyptic tale Long Gone in 2012. He has created and written other titles such the super-smart thriller Knowledge; the grindhouse/sci-fi mashup Scum of the Earth, the superhuman crime caper Bastard’s Waltz, and most recently, the pulp-style anthology The Hand of Glory. Mark has also contributed many short stories to such anthologies as Caliber Presents; the mind-bending Imaginary Drugs; and the New York Times Bestselling FUBAR series. His most current project is the comic book series Bigfoot Frankenstein.

The story of Bigfoot Frankenstein begins “when the last remaining tribe of Sasquatches is wiped out, the heir to the legendary Frankenstein name decides to do what they do best – create new life from the parts! Welcome Bigfoot Frankenstein to the world, but will he be a savior or a destroyer?”

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