Martin Duncan talks about Dracula Visions

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Martin is the founder and publisher of Slampress Tomes dedicated to crafting lavish artist driven tomes he himself would be proud to own and display prominently on his shelves and coffee table. Slampress Tomes is a boutique publishing house with a mission: Producing high quality books and publications featuring contemporary visionary talent — top artists, both emerging and veteran are unleashed upon genre based literary classics.

Cover art by Adam Gorham

For generations, Dracula has possessed our nightmares and captivated our imagination as a timeless story told and retold across all media. Slampress Tomes is unleashing a murderer’s row of creators and allowing them to present their unrestrained interpretation of the haunting tale. Dracula Visions comprises a 56 page gallery featuring over 2 dozen top tier artists presenting their unique interpretations of the most famous and celebrated vampire in all of literature and popular culture. 

You can discover more about Dracula Visions on Kickstarter and on Facebook at Slampress Tomes


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