Get ready for Canadian comic book creators and supporters at Toronto Comicon 2022

After a very long time, we’re going back to Toronto Comicon and this year is going to be great!

To get you prepared for all the fun and excitement of the show, here are a few of the interviews this site has conducted with just some of the many Canadian comic book creators and supporters who’ll be at the show.

Jed MacKay

Francine Delgado

Dax Gordine

Megan Huang

Jason Loo

Dave McCaig

Ramón K. Pérez

Mike Rooth

Dave Ross

Craig Yeung

Sam Agro


Mark Bertolini

Dino Caruso

Larry Hancock and Michael Cherkas

Shawn Daley

Andrea Fort and Michael Christopher Heron

Keith Grachow

Shane Heron

Greg Hyland

Chris Sanagan and Jason Lapidus

George Michail

Danesh Mohiuddin

Sam Noir

Casey Parsons

Anthony Ruttgaizer

Andrew Thomas

George Todorovski

Kelvin Nyeusi Mawazo

Ally Rom Colthoff

Nelson Caetano

(Pasquale) Marco Veltri

Studiocomix Press

Gotham Central Comics

And there’s many more comic book creators and supporters to visit at Toronto Comicon 2022.

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