Andy Belanger enters the ring for ‘Mother Trucker – The Cut Off’

Here’s my chat with Andy Belanger about Mother Trucker – The Cut Off. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. The podcast is also available on YouTube.

Andy is a comic book creator and animator from Montreal. He’s worked on Swamp Thing for DC, Southern Cross for IMAGE, Pound For Pound for TKO, WWE Comics for Boom, Vampirella for Dynamite, Mythopia for Heavy Metal as well as UbiSoft, and Behavior. In addition, Andy is a professional wrestler at IWS and XZW as The Animal Bob Anger.

Mother Trucker is the lead character in a a Sci-Fi saga about a Space-Truckin’, badass Wrestle Goddess, who’s on a quest to find her long lost daughter and become the greatest Trucker of all time and the Champion of Truck Off, the Wrestlemania of the Starways. Mother Trucker – The Cut Off, from Lethal Comics, is described as follows: “Faced with a new found fame as a killer upstart in the outer rim trucking sector, Mother Trucker and her pup Trucky are in bad need of some repairs. They crash land on an infamous floating truckstop, Big Momma Burgers, where she’s faced with some gnarly characters from her past and the devastating tag team of Tina Torque and Debbie Death-Haul. It’s ladies night in the 18 wheeled squared circle, will Mother Trucker come out on top!?”

You can discover more about Andy on Twitter at @AndyBelanger and on Instagram at @andy_belanger.

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