Brian McLachlan reveals ‘Complete The Quest – The Poisonous Library’ and more

Here’s my chat with Brian McClachlan about Complete The Quest – The Poisonous Library. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. The podcast is also available on YouTube.

Brian is part writer, part artist, but all cartoonist. He’s the author of the ILA-award winning book Draw Out The Story: Ten Secrets To Creating Your Own Comics, the picture book What Noise Do I Make? and graphic novel Ticket To Space. For over a decade, he’s written Owl Magazine’s “Alex and Charlie” comic. Brian frequently does appearances and visits with schools, libraries, comic conventions, art festivals, book festivals and more.

His most current project is Complete The Quest – The Poisonous Library — a new kind of role-playing adventure for all ages, which reads like a graphic novel but also plays like a game. With story panels and colourful visuals, this book provides an easy reference to help readers learn the mechanics of role-playing games, while giving them room to let their imaginations soar as they save the kingdom in this interactive role-playing adventure.

You can discover more about Brian on Twitter at @McLachlanBrian and online at


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