Rob Shauf talks about making ‘Go Go Mach Rocket Sheep!’ and more

Here’s my chat with Rob Shauf about Go Go Mach Rocket Sheep! and more. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. The podcast is also available on YouTube.

Based in Western Canada, Rob spends most of his comic-making efforts on his comic strips including “Charlie and the Ghost,” “Space Chuck,” and now “Gogomachrocketsheep”. He’s also dabbled in children’s book illustration, graphic design and animation. Rob claims his absolute favourite thing to do is to help others discover and develop their own creative self-expressions.

Printed in glorious greyscale, the Go Go Mach Rocket Sheep! comic collection contains over 200 pages of individual comic strips including the True Shauf comics strips that inspired Rob to create Go Go Mach Rocket Sheep!. The collection also includes the Robbie and The Bot comic strips.

You can discover more about Rob on Twitter at @RobShauf and online at


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