Sweeney Boo’s Top 10 Go-to Comic Book/Graphic Novel List

In lieu of the weekly new comic book list, True North Country Comics presents the top 10 go-to comic book/graphic novel list from Sweeney Boo.

Sweeney Boo Fan Expo 2019

Sweeney is a comic artist and illustrator living in Montreal, Canada. Her comic debut happened during the summer 2016 when she created a cover and a short story for Rat Queens (Image Comics). In December 2016 she launched a Kickstarter campaign for her first graphic novel called Eat, and Love Yourself, a 150-page story about eating disorders, depression, body dysmorphia, and ultimately self-love; a subject really important to her. The book was financed and picked up by Boom! Studios in 2019, for publication in 2020. In 2017, she worked on the costume designs of America Chavez, Inferno, and Patriot for the show “Marvel Rising”, combining two of her favorite things, fashion and superheroes. She works now for various publishers such as Boom! Studios, Archie Comics, IDW, Marvel, and Image comics.


Here’s Sweeney’s top 10 go-to comic book and graphic novel list:

1. Laura Dean Keep Breaking Up With Me by Mariko Tamaki and Rosemary Valero-O’Connell
“I have been a fan of Mariko’s work since I read Silk, the way she writes teenagers is just so true and honest. Mixed with Rosemary’s absolutely gorgeous art, this book is a real masterpiece.”

2. Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley
“Bryan’s work is one of my favourites. I love stories about struggle that involves a bit of magic, and this one has it all.”

3. She Said Destroy by Liana Kangas and Joe Corallo 
“This book has so much love from its creators in it — it has powerful ladies, rivalry and MAGIC!”

4. Gotham Academy by Becky Cloonan, Karl Kerschl and Brenden Fletcher
“I have always been a fan of Academy stories. And even more when it’s scary and fantastic!”

5. BlackSad by Juan Díaz Canales et Juanjo Guarnido
“Amazing, dark and realistic detective stories. With absolutely astonishing artwork.”

6. Deadly Class by Rick Remender and  Wesley Craig
“Remember when I was mentioning loving Academy settings? There you have it, Deadly Class is another one. It’s bloody, fun and dramatic, I love it.”

7. Betty & Veronica by Adam Hughes
“The first time I read those pages, the thing that came to my mind was how Adam’s layout and page dynamism was beyond perfect.”

8. Spider-Man: Miles Morales Vol. 1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli 
“Sara’s way to draw Miles is probably my favorite by far. It’s one of the best Spider-Man books, I would read it over and over again.”

9 . Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vol. 1: High School Is Hell by Jordie Bellaire, Joss Whedon and Dan Mora 
“Being a fan of Buffy growing up, I couldn’t pass on this book. It is like watching the show all over again, and Dan’s work is absolutely beautiful.”
10. Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Vol. 1 by Kelly Thompson and Veronica Fish
“If you follow me, you might know that I am a very big fan of Sabrina Spellman. This book is an absolute treat, it’s pretty and funny and so well written. Kelly and Veronica make a beautiful team!”

You can discover more about Sweeney on Twitter at @Sweeney_Boo and online at https://www.sweeneyboo.com/

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