Lovern Kindzierski’s top 10 go-to comic books and graphic novels

True North Country Comics presents Lovern Kindzierski’s top 10 go-to comic books and graphic novels.

Lovern is a Canadian colourist and writer, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Honours) and his paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions. After receiving his degree from the University of Manitoba, he worked as a courtroom sketch artist and contributed to animation on the Children’s Television Workshop, both as an employee of CBC Television. Lovern broke into comics as the colorist of John Constantine Hellblazer. He is known for his work with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics (including Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology series), and more. He’s been nominated several times as Best Colourist for both the Eisner and Harvey awards, and has won two Wizard Fan Awards for his work along with one Comic Buyer’s Fan Award. 

Here are Lovern Kindzierski’s top 10 go-to comic books and graphics novels:

A Contract With God by Will Eisner
“I think this is a must have in your library because many consider it the first graphic novel, plus it contains some great stories and art.”

Baker Street: Honour Among Punks by Gary Reed and Guy Davis
“One of my all time favourite stories told by an amazing artist. I love this little dip into Punk Culture and crime in the 90s and this take on the Detective is very engaging.”

Blackmark by Gil Kane
“This book lit up my young imagination and had me copying the art in this for months after I read. I have loved Kane’s art ever since I saw his Atom comics.”

Bloodstar by R. E. Howard and Richard Corben
“I am a big fan of Howard’s writing and this sword and sorcery epic is one of his best. Corben’s depiction of this world steps into your mind like no other artist can.”

Bratpack by Rick Veitch
“This awesome send up of superheroes seems to pull back the curtains to reveal what you were afraid was happening in the Halls of Justice. Veitch’s artwork is perfect for this gritty, smutty little world.”

Chandler by Jim Steranko
“This one is such an amazing book from the Film Noir story to Steranko’s beautifully executed art and his incredible sense of design.”

Elektra Lives Again by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley
“This is Frank at his best with a character that I am sure is close to his heart. Lynn told me that this book took her a year to paint and I believe it. The level of finesse is gorgeous to behold.”

Marvels by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross
“Kurt’s story is like a warm hug from your favourite grandfather and Ross’ painting brings the Marvel universe right into our world.”

The Adventures of Luther Arkwright by Bryan Talbot
“This one is like the flame that Prometheus stole from the gods. I think story must have given birth to so many wonderful ideas to every artist and writer who read it. It may be that my next choice would not have happened without this book.”

Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
“This story much like Luther Arkwright just sets your mind ablaze and Dave’s solid draughtsmanship and story telling are so tight that you are enveloped in the story from the first panel.”

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