Jim Zub’s Top 10 Go-to Comic Book/Graphic Novel List

In lieu of the weekly new comic book list, True North Country Comics presents the top 10 go-to comic book/graphic novel list from Jim Zub.

Jim Zub - Sep 2019

Jim is a writer, artist and art instructor based in Toronto. He’s worked for many publishing, movie and video game companies including Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Capcom, Hasbro, Cartoon Network, and Bandai-Namco. When he’s not busy as a freelance comic writer, Jim is a Program Coordinator for Seneca College‘s award-winning Animation program. His many projects have included Wayward, Avengers: No Road Home, Champions, Dungeons & Dragons, Conan and a whole lot more.

Here is Jim Zub’s top 10 go-to comic book and graphic novel list:

1. Akira by Katshurio Otomo
“A staggering achievement of sequential storytelling that goes further and deeper than the anime movie ever could.”

2. All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant
“Effortlessly weaves classic and modern threads together to make a timeless classic all its own.”

3. Avengers: Under Siege by Roger Stern and John Buscema
“One of the most gripping Avengers stories ever told. A hidden gem in the Marvel canon.”

4. BONE: The Complete Cartoon Epic by Jeff Smith
“An all ages masterpiece that charms me every single time I read it.”

5. By Chance or Providence by Becky Cloonan
“A sweeping and poetic set of tales from one of the finest creators of this generation.”

6. Empowered by Adam Warren
“Sexy, silly superheroes with a flare for the neurotic.”

7. Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez
“Supernatural horror with heart and some of the finest art in the medium.”

8. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind by Hayao Miyazaki
“A master storyteller building a world that instantly feels rich and emotionally-charged.”

9. The Planetary Omnibus by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday
“A genre whirlwind and an homage that never feels trapped by its many influences.”

10. The Savage Sword of Conan: The Original Marvel Years by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Barry Windsor-Smith
“Some of the finest sword & sorcery comics ever made, in black & white splendor.”

You can discover more about Jim on Twitter at @JimZub and online at jimzub.com

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