Sam Noir and Casey Parsons discuss comic book creator insights at Tri-City Super Con 2

Here’s the creator panel with Sam Noir and Casey Parsons at Tri-City Super Con 2. Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts.

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Casey Parsons and Sam Noir discuss comic book creators tips and insights at Tri-City Super Con 2

Sam is a writer and cartoonist. His work includes covers for the Chapterhouse Comics Summer Special and Captain Canuck #1, and he has contributed to Steampunk Originals from Arcana, Monstrosity from Alterna, Cerebus Low Society, Toronto Comics, Strange Romance, Hogtown Horror and is the co-creator of indie comics such as Munchsters, Victorian Four, Holmes vs Moriarty, Zip Kramer, and Major North. He is also a product developer at Odeon Toys, including the official Captain Canuck action figures.

Casey is Casey is an artist from Stoney Creek, Ontario. He has recently appeared in Toronto Comics Anthology and is featured in the new indie anthology magazine Cauldron. He has worked on pinups and variant covers for indie titles. Trained as a fine artist and graduating in art programs from Sheridan College and McMaster University, he has been illustrating and freelancing for indie comics for the past few years.

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During their panel presentation, Sam and Casey spoke about some of the considerations for creators as they make their foray in the comic book industry. They offered personal insight and helpful tips.

You can discover more about Sam on Twitter at @HeySamNoir and online at You can discover more about Casey on Twitter at @caseyarts77  and on Instagram at


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

Newsarama spoke recently with Chip Zdarsky about the end for Marvel’s Invaders. When asked about his reaction to the title reaching its conclusion, Chip said: “Yeah, issue 12 is the end. Honestly, I’m super grateful we got a full two arcs to tell this story and I think the whole team really managed to stick the landing. Marvel’s been incredibly supportive of the book, so hopefully Invaders will return in the near future.”
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Comic Book Resources interviewed Jeff Lemire about the upcoming Family Tree series. When asked why he decided to start the storyline on March 14, 1997, Jeff said: “The onset of technology, specifically cell phones, would make certain details and aspects of the story that I want to tell very difficult. I know that’s not a very specific answer, but I don’t want to spoil what’s coming. In general I find that cell phones and the internet don’t fit well into a lot of my stories. I’m not sure why that is, maybe I like how much more disconnected characters can feel without them.”
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The Apple Apps Store recently promoted Moleskine’s Infinity Notebook indicating it’s the ‘winner of a 2019 Apple Design Award that recognizes the creative artistry and technical achievements of developers who reflect the best in design, innovation, and technology on Apple platforms.’ The site describes Flow by Moleskine as “a practical and artful note-taking app that couples elegant design with powerful features: an endless workspace that scrolls horizontally, a hidable interface to help you stay focused on the task at hand, colours (from Corellian Gray to Pink Raspberry) for every last pen, and more paper options than a big-city print shop.”
You can discover more at

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