Allison Danger offers professional comic book creator insight at Tri-City Super Con 2

Here’s the panel presentation by Allison Danger and Tri-City Super Con 2. Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts.

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Allison studied at the Wilfred Laurier University and is a Humber College School of Health Sciences Alumnus. Allison is also the author of the graphic novels Blood and Motor Oil, When Wolf Lost Moon and the upcoming Charlie Goes North.

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During her panel presentation, Allison spoke about how she got into the comic book industry and offered very personal insight about the industry for others based on her valuable experience.

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Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.


DC Nation interviewed Jeff Lemire about his new book Joker: Killer Smile. When asked about what he wanted to explore in this book about the Joker, Jeff said: “I’ve written a lot on the DC Universe in the past, but I have never really had a chance to write any of the Batman-related characters, so this opportunity was very exciting for me. Aside from Batman himself, of course, Joker is probably the most iconic character in that corner of DC. But I didn’t really feel intimidated by it, really just excited to try and do something new and fresh and put our own spin on the character, while still celebrating all the great Joker stories that have come before.”
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Nerdist interviewed both Jason Loo and Chip Zdarsky about their upcoming book Afterlift from Comixology. One question arose about how this concept came to be. Jason said “Chip approached me about Afterlift right when I was wrapping up my comic series The Pitiful Human-Lizard. He also warned me that I’ll be drawing lots of cars, something I was never comfortable drawing until I accepted the job. After tons of practice, I’ve been able to draw cars driving along busy streets, cars launching onto buildings, and cars upside-down.” Chip responded: “Like most people, I stare at the ceiling at four in the morning, sweating, as I think about what happens after we die (I figured it out eventually but I don’t feel comfortable telling you, sorry). One night I started thinking less about the destination and more about the journey, the classic idea of Charon and the River Styx, and what the modern idea of that would be. Seemed to me that it would be a rideshare kind of scenario, and that spawned Afterlift..”
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Deadline reported that Grass Kings from artist Tyler Jenkins and writer Matt Kindt has been optioned for series development by Legendary Television. Boom! Studios began publishing Grass Kings as a comic book series in 2017. The saga was collected and reprinted last year in three hardcover editions.
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Adventures in Poor Taste! spoke with Jeff Lemire about his other major project, Family Tree. Issue number one will hit store shelves on November 13 from Image Comics. Jeff was asked what’s to be expected from the series down the line. Jeff replied: “The book will dive deeper into both the personal history of this family and the history of this strange phenomenon that is happening to them and we will see how these things are linked and play out across history and into the future.”
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