Jason Lapidus encourages ‘Group of 7’ comic book as gateway to Canadian history

Here’s my chat with Jason Lapidus. Podcast available on Apple Podcasts and player.FM

Jason Lapidus
Jason is an illustrator from southwestern Ontario. Along with writer Chris Sanagan, his current work is Group of 7 comic an ongoing series set in the The First World War in which Canadian physician John McCrae leads a secret mission underneath the Ridge against a mysterious enemy with monstrous intentions. 



During our chat, Jason talked about the latest issue Group of 7 #4. He talked about educators using the title as a gateway to discuss Canadian history in schools. Jason also offered his thoughts about his comic book series being translated to a visual medium.

You can discover more about Jason on Twitter at @jasonlapidus and online at groupof7comic.ca


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

Book Riot interviewed Camilla D’Errico about her pop surrealist style of comic book creation. When asked to comment on her style of illustration, she said: “My art right now looks almost nothing like it did ten years ago. Think how many combinations there are to get to ten. Every way you get to the same conclusion but you can get there different ways.” You can read more BookRiot.com


Marvel published an interview with writer Ed Brisson about his work on Dead Man Logan #6 where Wolverine and Logan meet themselves. Ed said: “What we’re doing for the last six issues is getting that original Old Man Logan vibe…Those last six issues are going to be chaos. We’re really leaning into the Mad Max, the Unforgiven of it.” You can read more at Marvel.com

Dead Man Logan 6

Tap Creativity announced the lineup for this year’s Ting Fest – the annual three-week celebration taking place in London, Ontario that showcases the work of past, present and future comic and graphic arts from Southwestern Ontario. The artists include: Meg Dearlove, Ben O’Neil, Mandy Forbes, Karlyn Reuben, Dere Laufman, Joanna Skiba, Jamie Lawson, Ocean in Space and Michael Walsh. You can read more at TapCreativity.org

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 10.09.48 PM

On the calendar this weekend is Denver Independent Comic & Art Expo featuring Faith Erin Hicks. More info can be found at DinkDenver.com


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