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Gotham Central Comics in Mississauga, Ontario has been hosting events that gather local artists to draw for charity. The 3rd Annual Charity Artist Sketch Duel brought together many artists including Casey Parsons, George Todorovski, Loc Nguyen, and Jonathan Kociuba.


The duels were decided by voting from social media sites with the champ picked as Paul Limgenco. But the winners are the kids because all proceeds raised by the bidding on the art goes to the Holland Bloorview Kid’s Rehabilitation Hospital.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 10.44.46 AM

I also spoke with owner Carlos Camara about this annual event and what it means to him and the community.

You can discover more about Gotham Central at GothamCentralComics.com and Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital at Foundation.HollandBloorview.ca


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

Entertainment Weekly published an article about a new collection of the Saga series by Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughn. Even though the creative team is taking a bit of a break, fans can still enjoy a new hardcover that collects the 54 issues published. Fiona was quoted as saying: ““Hazel’s family has come a long way since we launched Saga in 2012, and it’s very cool to see that much story all in one volume! We owe our readers massive thanks for getting us to this point, and I couldn’t be more excited for the next leg of the journey.” You can read more at EW.com



VizWorld interviewed Ken Lashley during a beta test of Adobe’s Project Gemini drawing app. Anticipated to appear as part of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite by the end of the year, Ken tested the app with the iPad Pro and the new Apple Stylus to offer illustrative techniques including blending, blurring, thick/thin media, and wet/dry with a highly natural effect without lag or hesitation. Ken was quoted as saying: “It’s so intuitive and it’s so easy for someone like me who’s not a super tech-savvy guy. Just to click the button and say, “Oh, there’s a brush that does this!” and it interacts like real materials. And I think because it works like real materials there’s no longer a barrier of you going, “I can’t use that because I don’t know how to use it.” It’s more like, “I can use this because there’s the tool that does exactly what it’s always done, what watercolor has always done.”” You can read more at Vizworld.com

ken lashley project gemini


In a recent Tweet, Cecil Castellucci announced that she’ll be the new writer of Batgirl starting in in July with issue #37. Cecil said: “A little bit of news. I’ll be taking over Batgirl in July! Very excited!”

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 10.38.20 AM


The Hollywood Report published an article about Star Wars Celebration, the annual fan festival for all things Star Wars took place in Chicago over the weekend and surprised many in attendees with trailers, appearances and a galaxy of news for fans. One of the many exciting newsbits was the new series of Star Wars comic books from Marvel. Leonard Kirk has signed on to illustrate Star Wars: Age of Resistance: Captain Phasma (dated for July) and Star Wars: Age of Resistance: Hux (due in August). You can read more at HollywoodReporter.com



On her Twitter feed, Michele Assarasakorn announced The Making Of & Colourising ISOLA digital zine. As the colourist for the acclaimed ISOLA series, Michele indicated that “this zine isn’t a ‘how-to-colour comics’ per se but more of how the colouring in ISOLA is achieved. I hope this is useful for anyone looking for inspiration.’ Limited hard copies will be available at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. You can discover more at Gumroad.com/I/isolazine



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