Canadian creators mourn the loss of comic book great Steve Ditko

Steve Ditko, comic book legend, passed away on June 29, at the age of 90 in New York City. Born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and known for co-creating Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and a host of other amazing characters, Ditko had a profound effect on many in the comic book industry. Here are just a sample of the comments about Steve Ditko from Canadian comic book creators and supporters.


Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

“It’s been almost sixty years, and nobody was able to top his original creations. We just keep going back to them ’cause we could never be as weird and cool and timeless. RIP Ditko” –  Chip Zdarsky

“Steve Ditko passed away today at age 90. Without him there’s no Spider-Man, no Doctor Strange, no Green Goblin… and no Squirrel Girl.” – Ryan North

“Steve Ditko.
Such a giant in the medium.
For years I was a little intimidated by the costume he designed for Spider-Man.  A student asked me to draw one for a friend, and it suddenly clicked. One of the  best costumes in comics
#steveditko #spiderman #marvel #comicartist” – Richard Pace

“Steve Ditko. Creeper, Spidey, Squirrel Girl, Doc Strange, Shade and all those Suspenseful Tales of Astonishing Monsters and Swamis. When beset by the Mindless Ones, stay on the pathway, and watch out for the giant lips and eyeballs.” – Ty Templeton

“My version of Spidey drew a ton of inspiration from Mr. Ditko’s original version from 1962. His “quirky” art style lead me to try different…” – Todd McFarlane

“One of my favs died today. Never got to meet the curmudgeon, so us two curmudgeons never got to curmudgeon together. I think about the man, his ideas and work daily, and i don’t think that’ll ever cease. #makecomics” – Nick O’Gorman

“Rest In Peace Ditko. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. You were and will always be a constant inspiration. #steveditko #thequestion #creatorofallthings” – Ramón Pérez‏

“#RIP #SteveDitko” – J. Torres

“Ditko (who also co-created Doctor Strange) should be as widely known as Stan Lee. One of the industry’s mad geniuses. #RIPSteveDitko” – Scott Chantler

“We lost a good one. Spider-man, Dr. Strange, Blue Beetle, the Creeper, the Question, and many more are just part of his legacy. Steve Ditko is a legend and just as much a father of modern comics as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby” – Josh Rose

“Yesterday we lost an absolute legend and a huge influence on everyone at Credible Threat Press. RIP Mr. Ditko.” – Credible Threat

“RIP Steve Ditko.” – Sandy Carruthers

“Yesterday we lost a legend in our industry. Goodbye Mr. Ditko” – Happy Harbor Comics

“Just hearing about Steve Ditko. Ditko also created SHADE THE CHANGING MAN, which is a character which changed my life. I wish I could shake his hand and say thank you. And I hope his spirit is off in the universe doing something mad and strange.” – Cecil Castellucci

“Thank you Mr Ditko, Rest In Peace.” – Mike Rooth

“RIP Steve Ditko. Spiderman was my first comic and what inspired me to become an artist.” – Craig Yeung

“A huge loss to the comic book community. Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spiderman may he rest in peace.” – Keith Grachow

“To the man who created loveable underdog superheroes like Spider-Man and my favourite DC superhero Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle–even The Creeper (another favourite!), R.I.P. Steve Ditko.” – Jason Loo

“Rest in peace #SteveDitko Your Spider-Man and Doctor Strange work is a huge influence. I was lucky enough to be able to do an homage panel referencing your work in Amazing Fantasy” – Michael Walsh

“Hearing the news now of Steve Ditko’s passing. He was an immense creative force. Creating Spider-man and Doctor Strange is but one small part of his legacy.” – Michael Cho



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