‘Oktana and Ko’ creator encourages continued self-promotion as a necessity of the creative process

Here’s my chat with Yuriy Levytskyy at Brampton Comic Con 2018.


Yuriy is the creator of Oktana and Ko a sci-fi  super hero series. Oktana is a stubborn fighter, attracting risk and making her own her fate. Ko is the ultimate friend. The title is described as a Canadian team of scientists who explore a new possibility to fully control animals from a distance with new tech suits but a series of unfortunate events change their lives with an unbelievable discovery.

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During our chat, Yuriy talked about future plans for Oktana and Ko, what it’s like to work with creators around the globe, and offered advice for other creators especially when it comes to self-promotion.

You can discover more about Yuriy on Twitter @levytksyy and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/oktanaandko/

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