Interview with Mark Bertolini at Brampton Comic Con 2018

Here’s my chat with Mark Bertolini at Brampton Comic Con 2018.

Mark Bertolini

Mark is an Ontario-based writer with comic books published by 215 Ink, Markosia Enterprises, FUBAR press, Black Ship Books, ComixTribe, Action Labs Comics and Darby Pop Comics. He’s also a New York Times bestselling writer having contributed the short story “Unit 731” to FUBAR volume 2: Empire of the Rising Dead.

Mark talked about his latest work Bastards Waltz from Darby Pop Comics – the story of an aging hitman who requires protection from his foes. Mark also talked about new content from Action Lab Comics coming later this year.    

Mark talked about his process of working with a publication to get content produced.

Mark also talked about his influences including his current favourites. He said “Anything Warren Ellis writes I will read it. If Warren Ellis wrote the phone book, I’d pick it up.”

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