Calgary artist describes TCAF as a ‘wonderful learning experience’

Here’s my chat with Jillian Fleck about the graphic novel Lake Jehovah.

Jillian Fleck - TCAF 2018

Jillian is an interdisciplinary comic artist and writer with graphic artwork as something that “swings between humorous, weird, depressing, and profound.” Jillian’s graphic novel Lake Jehovah was published in 2016 by Conundrum Press, and was included in multiple comic anthologies including Dirty Diamonds, SubCultures by Ninth Art Press, and Dirty Rotten Comics. Jillian graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2012, and from the Comic Studies program at the University of Dundee in 2016.

Jillian talked about attending the recent Toronto Comic Arts Festival: “Coming from Calgary — the Canadian mid-west, it was such a wonderful learning experience — to be in that environment, where there’s such a cultural crossroads of not just comic creators but also cultures, walks of life and different sub-culture communities.”

Additionally: “It was incredibly inspiring. The work that I brought back with me to Calgary is something that I’ve shared with a lot of Calgary comic creators to look at what is happening in the larger Canadian context and a larger comic book scene.”

Jillian also talked about influences including Edie Fake and the ‘Gaylord Phoenix’ series.

Jillian talked about how getting published by Conundrum Press and catching publisher Andy Brown’s eye through artwork on Tumblr which led to the publication being accepted.


Jillian also discussed not using Kickstarter as a method of publication.


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