Interview about ‘Songs For The Dead’

Here’s my chat with Andrea Fort and Michael Christopher Heron about Songs For The Dead.


Writers Andrea Fort and Michael Christopher Heron, along with artist Sam Beck and letterer Deron Bennett, have created Songs For The Dead — the adventures of a necromancer matched with a beautiful and deadly story published by Vault Comics.

Both Andrea and Michael recently exhibited at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. They explained why the event is important to them. Michael said “The core message of supporting Canada artists, especially independent artists, has always been there. So it’s amazing to see it grow.”

Andrea added: “TCAF fosters and helps to create an amazing community not just between artists but also with the fans. There’s this really cool open dialogue in the atmosphere at TCAF that I haven’t found at other conventions. It’s fulfilling and really fun.”

When it comes to influences as a comic book creators, Andrea said “I’ve always had a massive love for Tolkien. My house is just lousy with everything Lord of the Rings and Funko Pops — that’s a huge influence for me.”

Both Andrea and Michael are fans of board games, so I wondered about whether they’d consider making Songs For The Dead into a board game’. Michael said: “It almost feels like it would be appropriate for us to create a D&D style game based on our universe. But right now we’re so in love with our story and we’re so excited about it that we’re pretty open to anything.”

Available through local comic book stores and Comixology, Songs For The Dead is currently available from Vault Comics. Michael said “We looked around at a lot of publishers — there’s a lot of great ones out there. What we like about Vault is they’re also a relatively new company. They’re ambitious. They’re bold. And the projects they’re supporting are awesome.”

As for what’s next for Songs For The Dead, book four will be available very soon. Andrea said: “For everyone waiting for the graphic, the graphic is also coming this summer. We hear time and time again that people don’t like to pick up single issues — they’ll be able to find it in graphic as well which is cool.”

Montreal Comic Con in July is their next big event destination with some other conventions being considered but nothing is set in stone.

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