Creator of ‘VAUDEVILLAINS’ cites Jeff Smith’s ‘Bone’ as inspiration

Here’s my chat with Sean Patrick McCarron about VAUDEVILLAINS.

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Sean is a long-time freelance cartoonist and illustrator. Sean recently exhibited at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival with his current ongoing book VAUDEVILLAINS.

Sean talked about his influence for VAUDEVILLAINS including Walt Kelly’s Pogo and Jeff Smith’s Bone. “The big influence for me when making VAUDEVILLAINS was to make an homage to Bone by Jeff Smith. It was something I grew up reading as a kid and I adored it.”


Sean has self-published starting with Kickstarter. Sean said: “It was successful — we beat our goal by over 400%. It was pretty exciting. We were able to fulfill all those orders within three months.”

Sean used Kickstarter as more than just a means to publish. It was a way to get word of mouth going. He said: “Kickstarter was great. They chose it as a ‘Book We Love’ which gets you on the front page of the comics section. It was a super positive experience. I met a lot of really interesting people that way.”

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Sean just published the fifth issue of VAUDEVILLAINS and now he’s in the planning phase for future promotional events.

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