Manfred J. von Vulte discusses his new children’s book ‘The Purple Lion and the Spotted Leopard: There’s a Muffin In My Boot’

Here’s my chat with Manfred J. von Vulte about his new children’s book The Purple Lion and the Spotted Leopard: There’s a Muffin In My Boot. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And the podcast is also available on YouTube. Please like and subscribe to that video channel.

Born in Montreal but now residing in Ontario, Manfred is the published author of numerous articles, as well as two children’s works, a history book, and an educational guide on the use of comic books and experiential learning for parents and teachers. Manfred has been teaching for over twenty years and has been with Durham Catholic District School Board since 2017. In 2019, he was recognized with the Distinguished Catholic Educator Award by his peers at St. Leo Catholic School where he runs a Comic Book Club and Animation Studio. The Ontario Insurance Teacher’s Plan (OTIP) awarded him and his students $5,000 to develop this animation initiative in 2021. Manfred was profiled in an alumni spotlight by York University’s Faculty of Education in the same year. He is the Director of the Comic Book Project Canada and was featured on the Space Channel, the Global Television Network and at Fan Expo Toronto. His passion is to help reluctant writers and readers through the medium of comic books. 

Manfred is joined by illustrator Shane Kirshenblatt for the new children’s picture book The Purple Lion and the Spotted Leopard: There’s a Muffin in My Boot to “bring to life the importance of character for primary and middle school students. Join Gary the Purple Lion and Larry the Spotted Leopard as they go to school and discover that perseverance, integrity, honesty, resilience, humility, and many more noble qualities are so important to their primary school experience. Besides that, help two friends figure out just exactly what is in Larry’s boot!”

Middle school students, parents and educators will enjoy the second half of the book which includes more than a dozen character traits, critical questions, and genuine suggestions on how to improve as a student with a moral compass. Each section contains phrases that will help guide this specific age group.

You can discover more about The Purple Lion and the Spotted Leopard: There’s a Muffin in My Boot at and is available from Chapter-Indigo, Amazon, Walmart and Barnes and Noble

You can view the trailer for the book on YouTube



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