Publisher Alexander Finbow discusses the ‘Alberta Comics: Home’ graphic novel anthology

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As Publisher, and Director of Operations at Renegade Arts Entertainment, Alexander runs the day to day operations that includes finding authors and artists to work with, figuring out publishing schedules, and working with the distribution, marketing and promotion chains to find readers for their books. Before moving into publishing, Alexander worked as an actor, writer, director, and producer. He directed the movie ’24 Hours In London’ which became a cult hit around the world, before going on to work with producers in the UK and the US. Amongst his credits, creating the internet comedy show ‘Before I Get a Job’ ranks as one of his favourites. His freelance directing career included commercials Microsoft and Vodafone, and films for the UK’s department of education, as well corporate movies for firms on both sides of the Atlantic. As an actor, Alexander worked with people you may have heard of including; Madonna, Alan Parker, Nicholas Lyndhurst, and Ewan McGregor. But he will not reveal any secrets or gossip, ever. One of his most recent graphic novel projects is Alberta Comics: Home.

Alberta Comics: Home is a 224 page comics anthology celebrating the who’s-who of comic creators connected to Alberta, featuring 43 short comic stories and cartoons inspired by the theme ‘home’. Within the pages you will find a curious mix of pathos, optimism, humour, hope, and reflections on all the different things ‘home’ really means. The anthology features award winning cover art by co-editor Shea Proulx.

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