Patrick Murphy reveals his Kickstarter for ‘Echoes of the Triumphant’ comic book

Here’s my chat with Patrick Murphy in discussion about his Kickstarter project Echoes of the Triumphant #3 comic book. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And the podcast is also available on YouTube. Please like and subscribe to that video channel.

Patrick is based in Ottawa, Ontario. After he graduated from the University of Ottawa, he decided it was time to roll up his sleeves and deliver the most “kick-ass comic book series of all time!” Echoes of the Triumphant is Patrick’s love letter to his life-long obsession with superheroes and all of the weird directions he wanted to take the franchise. As the writer on the latest issue, Patrick is joined by editor by Alexi Kott, designer Dominic Bercier, cover artist Greg Woronchak, artist/inker/colourer Jarrod Bezzina and letterer by Michael McAdams.

Echoes of the Triumphant is a “28 page, fully coloured comic book to an ongoing series that mixes the genres of science fiction and crime dramas by creating a kick-ass thriller. The story takes place in the vibrant and semi-futuristic year of 2035 in the not-so-shy fictional streets of Echo City. The protagonist, Adrian Avery, is a forensic accountant who chases down money trails. He needs to find Lionheart, the leader of a tweak extremist group, before he creates chaos in the streets of Echo City! Plus, he likes to punch people a lot.”

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