Francis McNamee and Laurence Dea Dionne chat about their comic book series ‘Homeward’

Here’s my chat with Francis McNamee and Laurence Dea Dionne about their Homeward comic series. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And the podcast is also available on YouTube. Please like and subscribe to that video channel.

Francis is an aspiring writer based in Montreal. His studies at Concordia University included English Literature and Sociology at Concordia University. As a professional writer, he explores the human condition and the marriage between reality and absurdity. Homeward is his first collaborative project, and his first project for youth.

Laurence splits their time between three loves: drawing, stories, and family. In their life, and through their works (among others: Nuances, Zen & the Ephemeral, and the Homeward series), this artist promotes bilingualism, a testament to their Montreal origin, in addition to wellness; most notably mental health and gender identity. Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in art education from Concordia University, Laurence teaches comics in the public system and in the community; sharing the magic of art and speaking to the importance of wellness throughout the world.

Homeward “follows the story of Alfred and Bertrand, two brothers who grew up in space and don’t know they are human. Follow their journey of self-discovery and their quest to find their place in the world. Of the planned 10-book series, the first three have been published, and are currently available for purchase.”

You can discover more about Laurence on Twitter and Instagram at @laurencedeadionneart and online

You can discover more about the Homeward comic on Instagram at @homewardcomic and online at


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