Jonathan Kociuba and Eddie Mumford discuss ‘The Flytrap’ and Grotesk Comics

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Jonathan is based in Toronto and is an illustrator known for his “Space Pirate” character and collaborations with the Urban Ninja Squadron of street artists. He frequently illustrates album covers and gig posters for bands and is the lead singer for the indie rock band Summer and Youth. His published efforts include Toronto Comics: Osgoode as GoldPaperhead and Deathblazers.

Also based in Toronto, Eddie is a writer of short stories, novels, essays and now comic books. He received an Honours Degree in Literature in April 2011 along with an award for Best Essay in 2012 for ‘The Humour and Horror of Cannibalism’ in Neronian Literature. Eddie and Jonathan formed Grotesk Comics and their first venture is The Flytrap comic book series.

The Flytrap is an anthology series where the human race goes extinct and the next step in evolution takes over. The story goes like this: “After a comet hits the earth, a prehistoric fungus in our DNA wakes up transforming the survivors into vicious devouring insects. But is survival worth the price of admission?”

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