MCAF 2022: Jackie E. Davis reveals her webcomic ‘Underpants and Overbites’ at the 2022 Montreal Comic Arts Festival

Poster art by the legendary Michel Rabagliati

In celebration of the 2022 Montreal Comic Arts Festival (MCAF), here’s my chat with Jackie E. Davis about her webcomic Underpants and Overbites. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And the podcast is also available on YouTube. Please like and subscribe to that video channel.

Jackie is a cartoonist based in Rochester, New York. She’s been drawing chubby things with googly eyes her whole life, much to the disappointment of her art teachers. She discovered comics and her passion for them around 2015 and has been reading, writing, and drawing them ever since. She has self-published two comics collections and another from Andrews McMeel. When Jackie isn’t drawing, she enjoys playing outside, making new friends, finding things on the ground, and cooking lots and lots of soup. Oh, how she loves soup.

Underpants and Overbites is a web comic by Rochester-New-York-based artist, Jackie E. Davis. It’s an autobiographical comic all about her tiny human life. Frequent themes include friendship, mental health, her tired husband Pat, and fun little adventures around the neighborhood. Everything is drawn traditionally on paper and painted in watercolor. While the humor is geared more towards adults, it’s wholesome content for all ages.

You can discover more about Underpants and Overbites on and on Instagram at @underpantsandoverbites


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