Michael Kluckner features the west coast ’70s in his new graphic novel ‘The Rooming House’

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Michael is a writer and artist/illustrator residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. His early books on the history of Canadian cities, heritage, planning issues and art, include Vancouver The Way It Was, Vanishing Vancouver, Paving Paradise, and British Columbia in Watercolour. They received some acclaim, including the Duthie Prize, the Vancouver Book Prize, the Toronto Book Prize (short list), the Hallmark Society (Victoria) Award of Merit, and the Heritage Canada Medal of Achievement. Michael also published Toshiko, his first graphic novel, in 2015. That book was followed by  2050: A Post-Apocalyptic Murder Mystery in 2016. An unconventional graphic biography, Julia, traces the life and times of the writer/explorer Julia Henshaw was published in 2018. His most recent effort is entitled The Rooming House.

Michael’s new book, The Rooming House, from Midtown Press, is set in the 1960s and early ’70s, where “thousands of youths were on the road, hitchhiking across Canada and the USA and travelling through Europe, living in rooming houses in cities like Vancouver and in communes in the country. Their individual stories played out on a canvas stretched across the frame of world events including Vietnam, Woodstock, Watergate, and the emerging environmental movement, often in a climate of idealism, protest and anger. This book follows several of these young men and women sharing an old home in Vancouver’s Kitsilano district, tracking their loves, losses and wanderings through the diary entries of two of them. It is both a coming-of-age novel and an exploration of the events of those years, complete with a downloadable soundtrack of rock classics and notes for readers who weren’t around then.”

You can discover more about Michael at MichaelKluckner.com


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