Dicky Siregar chats about ‘The City’ at Fan Expo Canada 2021

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Dicky, originally from Indonesia, is based Toronto, Ontario where he works as a freelance illustrator in the film & animation industry. He’s a graduate of Algonquin College’s acclaimed Animation-Television & Graphic Design program in Ottawa. His most current work is The City graphic novel written by Choi David.

A summary of The City goes like this: “War is in the air once again, as organized crime syndicates of the inner and outer City clash to fight for power and vengeance.  Jericho, an aging ex-militia general that kept the peace of the City finds that his heroic feats are long forgotten, as K, a charismatic leader of the slums rises to seek revenge against him.  Guerrilla warfare ignites, as unimaginable terror blazes through the City, and Jericho begins to realize that it may not be as simple as it used to be.”

You can discover more about Dicky on Twitter and Instagram at @DickySiregarArt 

Discover more about The City at serazard.com/the-city


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