Larry Hancock and Michael Cherkas discuss ‘The Silent Invasion – Dark Matter’ graphic novel

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Michael is one of Canada’s leading comic artists and illustrators. In 1985, with writer Larry, Michael created the award-winning comic-book series, The Silent Invasion. A tale of ultimate paranoia and alien invasion in the 1950s, it drew wide-ranging, critical praise and was reprinted in the graphic novel format by New York-based publisher, NBM, in 1988. After The Silent Invasion, Michael illustrated Suburban Nightmares (also written by Larry), a series of dark, Twilight Zone-like vignettes of life in the 1950s, and The New Frontier (written by John Sabljic), a suspense thriller of 1960s conspiracies. The Silent Invasion graphic novels, including the volume 3 Abduction, Suburban Nightmares and The New Frontier are published by and available from NBM. Their current graphic novel is volume 4 Dark Matter.

The story of The Silent Invasion: Dark Matter goes likes this: “Walter Sinkage’s quiet suburban life is shattered when he witnesses several UFOs flash past in the sky. His search for the truth about the UFOS and the suspicious disappearance of his brother Matt, leads him to an alien abduction support group and confrontation with the Church of Cosmic Enlightenment. When Walter also vanishes, police detective Eddy Dime finds himself stymied while trying to uncover the truth behind what happened to the two brothers and other victims of what he believes may be an alien conspiracy that reaches into the highest and murkiest echelons of government power.”

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