Marco Veltri’s top 10 go-to comic books and graphic novels

True North Country Comics presents Marco Veltri’s top 10 go-to comic books and graphic novels.

Marco is a Canadian writer, filmmaker and photographer whose unique vision crosses the boundaries of culture and language. He is a worldly soul and visual storyteller whose focus on character development is strongly represented in the intelligence and complexity of his works. Faced with the tasks of producing, directing, cinematography, and writing, Marco has developed an integrated and holistic approach to the art of cinema. His most recent comic book project is Painting My Life with collaborator Ian Wright.

Here are Marco Veltri’s top 10 go-to comic books and graphic novels:

Sandman by Neil Gaiman and others
“A modern-day myth that redefines storytelling in comics.”

Hellboy Collected editions 1 to 4 by Mike Mignola
“Every panel is a masterpiece in storytelling.”

Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo
“Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk perfection. It’s a story I flip through often.”

The Omega Men by Tom King and Barnaby Bagenda
“A political science fiction story full of modern-day themes.”

Bitter Root by David F. Walker, Chuck Brown and Sanford Greene
“A story of Monster hunters that flips ghostbusters on its head to tell an emotionally relevant tale in the streets of Harlem.”

Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios
“Magical myth telling at its best.”

ISOLA by Brendan Fletcher, Karl Kerschel and Michele Assarasakorn
“A beautifully rendered fantasy with art that makes you cry. An amazing journey into fantasy.”

Clean Room by Gail Simone, Jon Davis-Hunt and Quinton Winter
“Mindbending horror that will keep you up at night.”

Monstress by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda
“An epic fantasy story with amazing worldbuilding and magical characters.”

Watchmen by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins
“Every time you re-read Watchmen you find new things.” 

You can discover more about Marco on Twitter and Instagram at @PMVeltri and online at

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