Von Allan discusses his latest graphic novel ‘Love, Laughter, and Loss: A Comics Collection’

Here’s my chat with Von Allan about Love, Laughter, and Loss: A Comics Collection. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. The podcast is also available on YouTube.

Von is a comic book creator from Ottawa, Ontario who previously ran an independent book store. His works include Stargazer and The Road To God Knows graphic novels, plus a variety of comic book short stories.  His current project is the premium hardcover book entitled Love, Laughter, and Loss: A Comics Collection.

This new entry contains contains nine short stories by that, together, represent the best and worst parts of life; love, laughter, and loss. In this new book, you get to travel around the world (and sometimes even off world!) with average people, heroes, cowardly adventurers, and even a dog. While these stories were previously published in two periodical collections (WIZARDS FOR HIRE-CHEAP! and STORIES! 2015 TO 2019), this marks the first time they’ve appeared in a premium hardcover format.

You can discover more about Von Allan on Twitter at @VonAllanStudio and online at VonAllan.com


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