Josh Rosen talks about illustrating the Toronto Christie Pits Riot in ‘The Good Fight’

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Josh is a cartoonist and illustrator from Toronto, Ontario. He claims that he’s ‘loved drawing and telling stories since pretty much forever’. Josh has done illustration work for magazines, websites, animation projects, documentary films and roleplaying games. He’s explained that when exploring his own work he enjoys making comics about friendship, spooky stuff, and real world history, though often filtered through a playful or comic lens. When he’s not making comics he works in children’s arts education, helping students over a wide range of ages find their own creative voices.

Published by Scholastic, The Good Fight written by Ted Staunton, illustrated by Josh, is middle grade graphic novel set in the tense, turbulent Toronto summer of 1933, in the depths of the Great Depression.

You can discover more about Josh on Twitter at @Josharonch and on Instagram at @JRosen.Illustration and online at

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