Amirak Delat discusses the meaning behind ‘Words and Sand’

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Amirak is a comic artist and illustrator based in Canada. Comics, illustration and storytelling have been her passion since a young age. At the age of 19, Amirak made the decision to move out from home to study fine arts in Montreal and become a comic book artist. She claims it has been a bumpy ride to get to where she is today as a self-employed artist. She has self-published two graphic novels AD INFINITUM and WORDS AND SAND plus she’s collaborated with writers on a variety of projects. 

Other than making art for a living, one of Amirak’s other missions is also to help out and empower creatives to becoming financially successful. Her blog THE FINANCIAL CREATIVE gives useful practical advice for creatives on budgeting, building a solid personal finance plan and getting started with investing as an artist. 

Words and Sand explores the themes of identity, self-acceptance, friendship and travel. Amirak said she was inspired by the history of her country of origin and her childhood in Algeria during the civil war in the 1990s. During the writing process, she said she felt a deep personal connection to the story and its protagonists.

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