Ilinca Barbacuta’s Top 10 Go-To Comic Book and Graphic Novel List

True North Country Comics presents the top 10 go-to comic books and graphic novels from Ilinca Barbacuta.

Ilinca is a writer and illustrator based in the Canadian Pacific Northwest. She primarily writes speculative fiction, with an emphasis on urban fantasy. She been published in a original and fandom zines, and was one of the contributing writers to Undercities, an urban fantasy short story anthology. She was one of the founding members of Jessamine Press and successfully organized, edited, and kickstarted MALAISE, a short story horror anthology. When she’s not trying to get better at D&D, Ilinca likes humane monsters, found families, monstrous humans, creepy tales, and happy endings.

Here’s Ilinca Barbacuta’s top 10 go-to comic book and graphic novel list:

  1. Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios
    “A (pretty) deadly triple threat of a western, a horror, and a folk story that reads like a dream. Brutal and hazy, it’s got a story that sticks like every good fable.”

  2. Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) by Scott Peterson, Kelley Puckett, and Damion Scott
    “Cassandra Cain takes on the costume and title of Batgirl, finding a home and an identity both in and outside the mantle. Arguably what got me into comics as a young kid, so it holds a special place in my heart.”

  3. Young Avengers by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung 
    “If Cassandra is what got me into comics, the Young Avengers is what made me return to it after falling out of love with the medium. A group of kids who band together to try to save the world and fill some very big shoes while they do it. I think I’ll adore the original team forever.”

  4.  Mirror: The Mountain by Emma Rios and Hwei Lim
    “A beautiful and harrowing space opera that takes place on a terraformed (sentient) asteroid. A lovely mediation on grief and forgiveness set to the backdrop of a war between mage scientists and sentient animals.” 

  5. The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie
    “Love, death, and pop music. Every ninety years, the gods return and within two years they die and the cycle continues. The story begins with fangirl, Laura, and takes a wild and delightful turn from there.”

  6. Through The Woods by Emily Carroll
    “There’s no doubt that Carroll is a master of horror, and this compelling and creepy collection will prove exactly why. Sometimes you stare too long into the abyss, and it not only stares back – but it invites you in. I’d also highly recommend checking out Carroll’s website, which features some interactive stories.” 

  7. Shimanami Tasogare (Our Dreams at Dusk) by Yuhki Kamatani
    “A coming-of-age drama following a young, gay teenager who slowly carves out a home at an LGBT discussion lounge after he’s outed against his will. Heartbreaking & beautiful – it’s a story that aches in all the best ways.”

  8. Haikyuu!! by Haruichi Furudate
    “A sports manga that follows a young boy in his quest to become a great volleyball player, despite his short stature. Lively, fun, and heartfelt, with such a strong central core and amazing characters.”

  9. Witch Hat Atelier by Kamome Shirahama
    “Chockfull of absolutely stunning illustrations, Witch Hat Atelier follows a young daydreamer who seeks to undo a curse. It’s a story that truly highlights the love of creating, and just how powerful it can be.”

  10. D. Grayman by Katsura Hoshino
    “In an alternate 19th century, a young exorcist, with the power to fight demons born from grief, fights to protect humanity. Sorrowful & kind, with a furiously beating heart at the center of the story.”

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