In Conversation with the creators of Flip Vol. 2 (part 1)

Here’s my chat with Jack Briglio, Mike Heneghan, Derek Künsken and Josh Stafford about Flip volume 2. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And don’t forget the podcast is also available on YouTube.

Jack is the writer of the Eisner-nominated fantasy adventure series Growing Up Enchanted, published by Markosia in 2010 and 2011. Previously, Jack has also worked on Scooby-Doo and Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century for DC Comics, for IDW, The Adventures of Digger & Friends, Sesame Street Comics for Sesame Street Workshop, and Scarlet, Riverdale’s Autistic Teen, for Archie Comics. Jack has a graphic novel, ThunderBoom, for Kids Can Press,  Dominion Jack (with Hugh Rookwood, Dominic Bercier, and Ron Salas), a serial in Joe Shuster-nominated Canadian superhero anthology series True Patriot Presents at ChapterHouse Publishing, Take 2, a crime fantasy serial for Comics Scene award-winning digital anthology magazine Aces Weekly, and editor & contributor to a new speculative fiction anthology of real world what-ifs called Flip, with a second volume now available, for Markosia Publishing.

Mike previously resided in Toronto but now lives in Ireland. Hes an award-winning writer who has worked with people like Disney, SyFy, RTÉ, and Rai. He graduated from IADT’s National Film School in Dublin with the Award for Academic Excellence for his thesis ‘Groundhog Day as a Nietzschean Text’, and is currently writing with Romero Games on their upcoming Crime/Strategy game Empire of Sin while developing work in various media.

Derek writes science fiction, fantasy, and sometimes accidentally horror. Additionally, Derek writes both novel-length and short fiction, with a preference for works that explore really strange places and people. He’s had SF stories published in Asimov, Clarkesworld, and Analog magazines.

Josh is a co-owner and resident geek-in-chief of Ottawa’s historic Mayfair Theatre, one of the oldest running single screen cinemas left not only in Canada, but on the planet. He graduated from Canterbury Arts High School, and Vancouver Film School. Amongst other projects, he directed a short film which screened at San Diego Comic Con, and co-directed / co-produced a roller derby documentary for CBC. More recently his writing efforts produced #FlashForwardFlashback for DC Super Hero Girls. Comic writing credits include three issues of Zomkeys along with Flip volumes 1 and 2.

Markosia’s alternate reality anthology, Flip, returns with Volume 2, examining even more flipped worlds and real-world what-ifs going against convention. Flip Volume 2 is now available for purchase from local comic stores and through

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