Scott A. Ford’s Top 10 Go-to Comic Book and Graphic Novel List

True North Country Comics presents the top 10 go-to comic book and graphic novel list from Scott A. Ford.
Scott A Ford
Scott is an award winning comic creator, illustrator, and designer from Winnipeg, Canada. His work puts an emphasis on atmosphere and rich visuals, drawing inspiration from video games, graphic design, film, and animation. His comic projects include Boreal, Ark Land (ChiZine Publications), Giants’ Well, Ocosomoso, and Romulus + Remus.

Boreal cover1 - Scott A. Ford

Here’s a list of Scott’s “go to” graphic novels and comics (in no particular order):
1. Hellboy: Strange Places by Mike Mignola
“This was really my first serious introduction into comics and it is what first sparked my drive to pursue making comics. Its unique style, vivid atmosphere, and subdued visual storytelling still really resonate with my work.”

2. The Marquis by Guy Davis
“I still haven’t encountered many comics that tackle action sequences quite like this graphic novel. It also has some terrifically creepy monster designs and intricate spooky set designs that work perfectly in the black and white art style.”

3. The Birth of Linda / The Death of Linda by Tess Eneli Reid
“This is one of the most uniquely formatted comics I’ve ever encountered that it’s basically an art object in itself. When I encountered this work, and the artist Tess Eneli Reid, at my first TCAF, it completely my eyes to what comics can be. It ultimately inspired me to finish Giants’ Well, which I previously contemplated abandoning for fear that its format was too weird and unapproachable.”

4. Battling Boy by Paul Pope
“This book is a refreshing take on the classic “super” genre, offering a classic “hero vs monster” tale intertwined with a meta-narrative about legacy and responsibility, while its characters’ also strive for change and independence. The art by Paul Pope and colours by Hilary Sycamore are also stunning.

5. Night Air by Ben Sears
“This book is a lighthearted adventure story that strikes a great balance between fun action moments and understated humour. The art and background designs are also exceptionally rendered with a lot of fun details.”

6. The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang
“This book moved me like no other comic I’ve ever read. It is rare for me to be so intensely hooked by a book’s characters, their stories, and their growth. I can’t overstate how beautiful this book is, in both art and story.”

7. We Don’t Go Through the Angel Grass by Courtney Løberg
This is some of the most lush and unique art I’ve seen in comics, all illustrated and lettered with traditional mediums. The art really elevates the honest, natural and dark atmosphere of the story centred around family secrets, strange folklore, and the unspoken mysteries lingering over a small town. And you can read it for free on Webtoon!”

8. Verse by Sam Beck
Verse is a spectacular example of the classic high fantasy genre re-imagined in a way that feels unique and refreshing for a modern era of comics. The art, characters, and lore of this story are crafted with such care and detail. And it’s free to read on Sam Beck’s site!”

9. Witchy by Ariel Slamet Ries
“This book is a great twist on the magic-casting fantasy genre. It also has some nuanced character development, facial expressions, and body language, all wonderfully rendered by a fluid and vivid art style. ”

10. Greenhouse by Debbie Fong
“This is a short, strange comic about anxiety, isolation, and an internal struggle between an existence that feels both natural and artificial. I might be misinterpreting the meaning of the book, but it still really resonated with me. The panel framing, line art, and minimalist colour palette all feel very purposeful and give the story a really unique atmosphere.”

You can discover more about Scott on Twitter at @ScottA_Ford, on Instagram at @ScottAFord1 online at

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