Mark Bertolini offers advice to new comic book writers

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Mark is an Ontario-based writer with comic books published by 215 Ink, Markosia Enterprises, FUBAR press, Black Ship Books, ComixTribe, Action Labs Comics and Darby Pop Comics. He’s also a New York Times bestselling writer having contributed the short story “Unit 731” to FUBAR volume 2: Empire of the Rising Dead. His most recent project is Bastard’s Waltz.

bastards waltz

During our chat, Mark offered advice for newcomers to the comic book industry. He provided personal insight into his inspiration for making comic books and mentioned some helpful tips for others.

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Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.


The Hollywood Report published an interview with Johnnie Christmas about his new series with Jack T. Cole called Tartarus from Image Comics. Set to debut in February 2020, the series is described as ‘Breaking Bad’ meets ‘Star Wars’. When asked about the new title, Johnnie said: “Jack and I wanted to build a world steeped in all the great sci-fi we love from Star Wars to Blade Runner and great drama from Breaking Bad to the Odyssey…We got to cooking up this ambitious idea of mixing sci-fi, Greek mythology, starships, alchemy, intergalactic dating apps all into a big pot and made what became Tartarus.”
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Adventures in Poor Taste chatted with Jeff Lemire about his new series Skulldigger and Skeleton Boy for Image Comics.When asked about his influences for the series, Jeff said: “This series was really my love letter to Frank Miller, and specifically all the work he did on Batman and Daredevil in the ’80s. I am also a huge Punisher fan, so that played in as well, but I think we’ve been able to move beyond those initial influences and create characters that are unique to the Black Hammer universe. So, I would say that Frank Miller and his storytelling influenced the story more than any one character. That’s at least my point of view.”
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skulldigger and skeleton boy

CBC News reported that a new comic con event is planned for Winnipeg to replace the Central Canada Comic Con. The new event slated to run from October 30 to November 1 2020 is being organized by Quebec-based  CapeFlow Productions that has organized roughly 40 similar conventions. According to Cliff Caporale of CapeFlow Productions, “You know for sports fans they are on a regular basis they have a place to go, be it at a sports event, a football event, hockey or what not. But for geeks, we don’t have as many places to go…There are some small conventions and some small gatherings, but we want to be sure that fans have a big place that all colours of geekdom can come and enjoy themselves.”
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