Luke Henderson claims picking the right collaborator is key to comic book project success

Here’s my chat with Luke Henderson. Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts.

Luke Henderson MCX 2019

Luke is a writer and one of the co-founders at Credible Threat Press. Credible Threat Press is a creator-owned, passion-driven, independent comic book publisher with series including Our War and War Bats.

Our War vol 1

During our chat, Luke talked about the importance of choosing a reliable creative partner for any project. He also offered personal advice to up-and-comers who are getting into the comic book industry.

You can discover more about Credible Threat on Twitter at @credible_threat and online at


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.


I still scratch my head that we’re wrapping up an entire decade. And as proof, has published an article about the most controversial comic books from this decade. The list includes:
Saga by Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan
Sex Criminals by Chip Zdarsky and Matt Fraction
Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles by Mike Feehan and Mark Russell
Bitch Planet by Valentine de Landro and Kelly Sue Deconnick
Before Watchmen series including Minutemen/Silk Spectre by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner
Fight Club 2 and 3 by Cameron Stewart, Dave McCaig and Chuck Palahni
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Bleeding Cool reported that Jeff Lemire’s Royal City Collection is getting additional content. The article indicates that on July 28, Image Comics will publish a new collection of 2014’s Royal City with 20 pages of story never seen before. When asked about the length of the story, Jeff has said: “Right now I have the series plotted 15-20 issues long. I’m leaving a little room in case things take off. That’s what happened when I wrote Sweet Tooth. I planned for it to be 24 issues, but it turned into 40. You start to introduce side characters and they take off and you explore their stories.”
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Royal City 1

Newsarama interviewed Jim Zub about this new Conan: Serpent War series. When asked about bringing the Marvel Universe to Conan’s world, Jim said: “I didn’t want to worry about stepping on Gerry Duggan’s toes and the crazy-wonderful works he’s been building in Savage Avengers, so the Conan in Serpent War is from an earlier time and we keep him in the Hyborian Age rather than sending him across multiple times. The threats that manifest in these time periods have their root in the Hyborian Age, so taking care of them requires our heroes to eventually head to Conan’s “turf” and that’s a ton of fun.”
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Conan Serpent War



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