Creator insight with Jason Loo at MCX 2019

Here’s my chat with Jason Loo at Mississauga Comic Expo 2019. Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts.

Jason Loo MCX 2019
Jason is a Toronto-based cartoonist who got his start freelancing illustration work for magazines, newspapers, and educational books for children. He recently concluded his creator-owned The Pitiful Human Lizard series and is now working with Chip Zdarsky on Afterlift for Comixology.

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During our chat, Jason offered his professional advice about getting into the comic book industry. He talked about learning from mistakes along with how to deal with new opportunities. Jason’s insight is definitely worth checking out.

You can discover more about Jason on Twitter at @Rebel_Loo and online at


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.


Comics Beat’s Graphic Novel TK Podcast interviewed the co-founder and artistic director of Toronto Comics Art Festival, Christopher Butcher. During the conversation, Christopher chats about how conferences, conventions and festivals work, and how best to interact with them as an author.
You can listen to the podcast interview on at


The Globe and Mail spoke with Jeff Lemire about vacations, things that come to an end and others that live on. Jeff said: “I’m a workaholic. When I’m in the city, I’m either in my studio all day or I’m at home, where I often work at night. So, in the summer, my wife and son and I have a place in Muskoka, Ont., where we try to get away from it all for at least a month. It’s my time to read a lot, and fill my well again with new inspiration.”
You can



Marvel conducted on a camera interview with Chip Zdarsky as he ‘spilled’ Daredevil secrets. The video includes Chip replying to question about his reaction to being selected as writer for Daredevil: “Finally! And what a huge mistake!” When asked about his favourite comic book arc, Chip said: “It would have to be Ann Nocenti, John Romita Jr. where Daredevil goes to hell and battles Mephisto.” You can see the not-so-serious interview with Chip on

Daredevil 13


And sticking with Marvel, Jim Zub was interviewed about his prequel comic Marvel’s Avengers: Iron Man #1 before the Marvel’s Avengers video game hits stores shelves. When asked about how much he was able to see of the game and how it characterizes Tony Stark, Jim said: “The crew at Crystal Dynamics looped me on their ambitious and epic game storyline, the back story pieces that lead into the game’s plot, the incredible events that happen during the game, and even some teasers about where things could go from there. Obviously the original comics are the ultimate source material that defines all of this stuff, but the Marvel’s Avengers game is my main source for characterization when it comes to writing these prequel comic stories for Tony and the rest of the team.”
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Marvel Avengers Iron Man



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