Jason Loo promotes Mississauga Comic Expo 2019

Here’s my chat with Jason Loo about Mississauga Comic Expo. Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts.

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Jason is a Toronto-based cartoonist who got his start freelancing illustration work for magazines, newspapers, and educational books for children.  He recently concluded his creator-owned The Pitiful Human Lizard series and is now working with Chip Zdarsky on Afterlift for Comixology.


During our chat, Jason spoke about the plans for this year’s Mississauga Comic Expo and what visitors can expect.

You can discover more about Jason on Twitter at @Rebel_Loo and online at jasonloo.pb.online.com

You can learn more about Mississauga Comics Expo on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MississaugaComicExpo/


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

Scott Chantler tweeted about his upcoming speaking engagement on October 23 at the University of Windsor, Ontario. The focus of the talk centres on the 85th anniversary of the All Stars’ championship and the mini-comic that Scott created in celebration of the team. Scott said he’ll be speaking about the comic-making process along with Canadian sports history.
You can read more on twitter.com/scottchantler

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Now Toronto interviewed Connor Willumsen about his new project Bradley Of Him about an unnamed protoganist running through the Las Vegas deserts training for a biopic about Lance Armstrong. The book from Koyama Press was featured at a recent launch party at The Beguiling comic book store. When asked about his process, Connor said: “I’m honestly surprised that I turned out to be a cartoonist who makes books with a confusing aura that requires a lot of personal interpretation,…I didn’t want to get too obtuse but also not be so clear that everything just plods along. I was trying to create a particular mood while also maintaining my own interest in making it.”
You can read more at NowToronto.com

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Real Agriculture reported on a new webcomic called Farm Girl Strips from Erica Renaud. When asked about her projects, Erica said that says her recent offering, a children’s book called Just a Farmer, was written to help celebrate how diverse and intelligent farmers have to be to run their farms. Instead of being “just a farmer,” Erica’s story shows how farmers are mechanics, livestock experts, agronomists, and more.
You can read more at RealAgriculture.com

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