Hope Nicholson shares recent convention adventures and future project plans

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Hope Nicholson
Hope is the owner of Winnipeg-based Bedside Press, which focuses on publishing new and old stories from all cultures and walks of life. A historian of comics, she’s worked to bring attention to 1940s Canadian comic book history as a producer on the film ‘Lost Heroes’ and the publisher of 1940s Canadian comic book collections including Nelvana of the Northern Lights. In addition to publishing, editing, writing, and producing she also organizes comic book related social events in Winnipeg including the Prairie Comic Arts Festival. She recently started a Patreon page to reward patrons with in depth articles, guest articles, digital books from Bedside Press, advice, consulting and more.

During our chat, Hope talked about her current projects and recent adventures at exhibitions and festivals. She talked about Prairie Comics Festival, Calgary Expo and a lot more.


You can find Bedside Press on Twitter at @bedsidepress and online at BedsidePress.com


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.


Comics Beat interviewed Jim Zub about his current work Stone Star along with other topics. When asked about the audience this Comixology series, Jim said: “Stone Star definitely skews younger than Wayward in terms of subject matter and art style. The book market is a natural fit for the collected edition and my fingers are crossed that we can make a splash there once it’s released. I have a few story concepts I’d love to develop for the same age range, the kind of adventure-centered stories that would have grabbed my attention as a young reader.” You can read more at ComicsBeat.com

Stone Star 2


CBC News wrote about the comic book boom in relation to the upcoming Free Comic Book Day on May 4. Speaking with local store owners in the Halifax area, the sentiment was mixed. Cal Johnston of Strange Adventures spoke about the issue of showrooming where visitors come to the store to find information but then go buy it online. Cal said: “We’re helping fund our demise in some ways. If you don’t support the local book stores and comic shops they’re not going to be here.” You can read more on CBC.ca/News



Publishers Weekly interviewed Cecil Castellucci about Girl on Film, a graphic memoir slated for November. When asked about details for the book, Cecil explained: “My dad is a retired neurobiologist. His specialty was the mechanics of memory, so the way that our brain remembers and forgets. When I was starting to think about the book and trying to remember how I got from there to here, I started thinking about how my relationship to the stories that I tell about myself waxed and waned over time. The book looks at the way that I remember things alongside conversations about memory with my dad to try to figure out why and how things change about how we remember and forget.” You can read more at PublishersWeekly.com

Girl on Film


Bustle published a reading list of the 45 new books coming out in May 2019. Among the many, are the following notable works:
Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me by Mariko Tamaki
Dear Scarlet by Teresa Wong
You can read more at Bustle.com

laura dean   dear-scarlet


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